My life is my flow
My destination is the greatest Ocean
Which carries depth of love and emotions

You can float on me
You can flow with me
Feel my rhythm
Feel my heart beats
I will give you the joy of wonders.

Don’t check my flow,
That will make you suffer,
Divert my direction is waste of your time,
I will find my way to reach my destination,
I welcome you to flow with me
Rather than check my flow by debris and
Mud at banks of my course.

I know my banks, they are not stable
They fight with me during my flow,
I know they won’t agree with me first, but
Later they accept me and giving the
Way for my journey.
Some are very hard and tough,
For me all are same, only matters time to dissolve it,
Whoever comes along with me get shaped and shined
I will make them so precious day by day.

I don’t care whoever you are,
Still I will take you along with my journey.
It is the course of my journey make you better and best.
Hope you can understand my depth and space in my heart.
My life is only to find my saturation in the ocean and born as
Another water drops in the rain and start flowing again and again.

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