This is the window of my world which understood through my camera. Life is a journey through unexpected way, it brings moments, surprises, and incidents just in front of you like a god’s gift.
This window only for display the frames of reminiscence which will recall moments which pass through My life.  The Idea of this medium to interact and share my photographic works to the millions of viewers across the internet world. Here I am looking for sale photos with higher quality digital images. 


Anil T Prabhakar has been a passionate photographer for over 8 years.
Having started his hobby in photojournalism he is comfortable and actively enjoys shooting across a range of genres. Anil’s ethos is that ‘there is only you and your camera, the limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see & what we are’ and that the visual philosophies for creating effective images are universal. Here is a brief synopsis of his career in the industry…


1) Worked as freelance photographer
2) Worked for International Journal of Applied Forest Ecological Research.
3) Worked for several online Magazine
4) Article about Minahasa wooden house on My Home Magazine. 


1) Several Awards on Photography
2) Member of world photographic forum
3) Member of Indonesian Photographic association