About Anil T Prabhakar

Starting his photographic sojourn as a photojournalist, Anil T. Prabhakar moved to other genres of the art-form soon with elan. A firm believer that it is the person behind the camera who creates the images, he attributes both success and failure to the doer rather than to his tool.

A self taught photographer, Anil landed a job in the Indonesian Mining Industry and continued to do serious photography. His job which required him to travel extensively, allowed him to visit far reaches of the Indonesian Archipelago and other South East Asian countries. One is not sure, but it could have been the vastness of the Indonesian landscape that might have spurred him to shoot landscapes extensively in his early years.

His attempts at painting using oil paints, acrylic and pencil right from his school days were very fruitful and his works won numerous awards and mentions. The rigorous practice inculcated in him a strong aesthetic sense of composition which strongly manifested itself in his later landscape photographs.

Working exclusively in the digital format, his skill in photography and the post processing that his files would require were completely self-taught from the lessons he could garner from the internet and other photography journals.

One thing that had Anil going was a relentless desire to capture the essence of the life around him and the emotions that he saw in the people of the countries he visited. The urge to go beyond the act of merely recording with his camera made him develop a signature manner of shooting which would capture the soul of the region and its people. The camera, for him is not a device to record, but a tool which he puts to judicious use and creates works of art.

It would not seem a wonder that Anil lapsed into visual art once we get to know the town from which he hails. Ponnani, a small town in the Malabar region of Kerala had already given the world three of India’s most original and versatile painters.

K.C.S.Panikkar, T.K.Padmini and that great illustrator K.M.Vasudevan Namboodiri.

Inherently beautiful, Ponnani might have instilled in Anil his fascination with landscapes. He hopes to work on a photobook on his hometown after returning to India after his official duties have been fully discharged.

Among the genera like conceptual, wildlife and fine art  photography, he has made his footsteps into impactful photography, the photo portraying the Orangutan Impactful photography is one of his innovative footsteps in the photographic genera , the photo portraying the Orangutan extending a helping hand towards humanity went viral across the world and Media Giants like BBC and CNN published the photograph along with his interviews. Hundreds of Newspapers and Tabloids celebrated the photograph worldwide. He has conducted 40+ International Photo exhibition worldwide, his photos exhibited at Agora Gallery at New York, valid World Hall in Barcelona, BBA gallery at Berlin, Germany, Spain, Cleve Land, Greece, Korea, China, Kolkata Art Gallery, Green Storm Photo Exhibition at Bolgatty Palace at Kochi during 2019  and Online photo exhibition at Better Art Foundation Photo Muse ‘ Open Origin and Open Ends’ and Saevus Wildflie India LLP’s exhibition of ‘Wild Pixel Virtual Exhibition’ during 2020. One of the NFT artist for NFT exhibition curated by Search Light.art  “Mask Emphemera” held at Prestigious NFT.NYC 2021 in New York. 

His work has been published in numerous magazines and journals like Saevus, Yatra, Manorama Traveler etc. One of the articles, about the fascination that Mount Bromo unfailingly seems to afford to him was very well received and would prove to be the catalyst that truly ignites his urge to write about it on a larger perspective. His work has published his works in numerous magazines and journals. One of the articles, about the fascination that Mount Bromo unfailingly seems to afford to him was very well received and would prove to be the catalysts that truly ignites his urge to write about it on a larger prospective.

He is one of the patronage member of PhotoMuse , BAF is the India’s first public museum dedicated to the art , history and science of Photography. Through the pursuit of photography and photographic history, Photomuse document, interprets and promotes the natural and cultural inheritance of humanity. With photography-based outreach and educational programmes, the museum emphasizes education, conservancy and India’s Photographic legacy.

He also enter into Metaverse and became NFT Artist (Non Tangible Token). He decided to use this medium for spreading awareness about conservation and related related topic. “Bleeding Of The Earth” is one of the project he want to emphasize and engage with community. He also one of Photographer of ‘Wildlife Collective Charity’ Drive for fundraising  programme through NFTs.     

Currently working on few photographic projects named “Dream”, “Evolution”, “Man in the Forest” and “The Heart of Borneo – The Dayak”  and documentary projects.